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Writing a Gen AI statement

It is essential that we share our expectations about use of Generative AI (Gen AI) with our students as clearly and as consistently as we can. As a minimum requirement, a written Gen AI statement for assessments must be included for each module in Minerva. Typically, this should be alongside assessment information, following the University template.

The guidance below provides a structure and recommended wording for each category of assessment. Please stick as closely as you can to the recommended wording, so students have consistency of experience across modules. However, it is recognised that you will need to make some changes to fit the details of your assessment.

Where you set several assessments that each have a different category of red/amber/green, write a separate statement for each assessment. If the assessments you set all have the same category, please make it clear that your statement applies to all of them.

Please note that reasonable adjustments must be made to assessments in every category. The only exception is where specific use of Gen AI is a competence standard as defined in the Equality Act, and as such is necessary to meet the module or programme learning outcomes. This will only apply to a minority of green assessments.

If you do not feel confident writing a Gen AI statement for your assessment(s) based on the guidance here, please contact for further support.

How to create the statement

Recommended wording for the Gen AI statement is below. Copy and paste the relevant information into the “Assessment and Feedback” area in the Minerva module.

1.     Add a title

To begin the statement, use the following title, replacing [assessment name] and [module name] with relevant details:

“Use of Generative AI in [assessment name] for [module name]”

2.     State clearly which category the assessment falls under

Copy and paste the following paragraph:

“Generative AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that automatically generates content in response to written prompts. As a general principle, at the University of Leeds you can use Gen AI to help you learn but cannot use AI to generate or falsify work. You should always analyse and verify the information Gen AI tools provide, rather than accepting it at face value. Whilst you may be given additional information about how Gen AI can complement your wider learning in this module, the use of Gen AI for this assessment has been categorised as:”

Then copy and paste one of the following:

RED, which means AI tools cannot be used as the purpose and format of the assessment makes it inappropriate or impractical for AI tools to be used.”

AMBER, which means AI tools can be used in an assistive role for specific designed processes as specified by the module tutor.”

GREEN, which means AI has an integral role, and the use of AI tools may be required as part of the assessment.”

3.     Select the appropriate information

We recommend that you adhere closely to the wording provided here to maximise clarity and consistency for students. You may supplement this with a more detailed description following the list of statements, should you choose to.

Sample wording for each category

RED: AI tools cannot be used

Copy and paste the following paragraph following step 3 of the guidance above:

“Whilst AI tools cannot be used in this assessment, you are still permitted to use dictionaries, thesauri, spelling and grammar-checking software to help identify and correct spelling mistakes and grammatical errors (even if they are powered by Gen AI). However, you should not use any software to rewrite sentences or make substantive changes to your original text.”

You may wish to include a brief explanation of the rationale for choosing red, for example:

“This assessment is red because you are being asked to demonstrate foundational skills of remembering and understanding, which would be undermined by use of Gen AI.”

AMBER: AI tools can be used in an assistive role

Amber covers a wide range of possibilities from very restricted use of Gen AI tools to a high degree of freedom but no requirement to use them. As such, we could focus on what students may do, or state what they must not do, or provide a balance of both, to be as clear as possible.

It is not possible to give a comprehensive list of every possible application of Gen AI so you must indicate that the examples provided are not exhaustive, and that students should contact the module leader to discuss any use of Gen AI not covered in this statement.

Copy and paste the following, adjusting the examples to fit your assessment:

“Since Gen AI is a new and rapidly changing field, it is not possible to list every possible way it could be used. Below are some anticipated ways which you may/and/must not [delete as appropriate] use Gen AI in this assessment. For anything involving Gen AI not covered in this statement, please contact [module leader] and assume that it is not permitted until you have an answer from them.

Within this assessment you may use Gen AI to:

  • generate ideas on how to explore topics from a varied set of viewpoints
  • help you start to understand more complex ideas by providing accessible summaries
  • test your knowledge against a piece of content
  • help identify and correct spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in your work
  • provide ideas or inspiration to help you overcome a creative block
  • provide feedback and advice on your writing style and tone
  • help you summarise your notes for revision purposes
  • help you plan a revision schedule
  • recommend relevant sources, provided you also verify them yourself
  • generate images and diagrams.

You must not use Gen AI to:

  • produce written content which you then submit as your work, regardless of whether you make changes to it
  • rewrite sentences or make substantive changes to your original work
  • provide feedback on accuracy or validity of content in your original work
  • plan a structure for your assessment.

GREEN: AI has an integral role and should be used as part of the assessment

There are two situations for green assessments where students are expected or required to use Gen AI.

If use of Gen AI is a competence standard for your programme/module, please contact for advice about your AI assessment statement.

If using Gen AI is not a competence standard for the module, reasonable adjustments will need to be made if necessary eg disability-related. The following text is recommended for green assessments in this situation.

In most cases you should include all three sets of examples for what students should, may and must not use Gen AI for but there may be good pedagogical reasons for some exceptions to this. The bullet points are included as examples, which you can adjust to fit your assessment.

Copy and paste the following:

“Since use of Gen AI is an integral part of this assessment, you are required to use it in the way(s) specified below. If this presents you with any difficulties, including but not limited to ones related to disability, please contact [module leader] to discuss possible adjustments.

You should use Gen AI to:

  • critique your first draft including structure, content, style and tone.

You may use Gen AI to:

  • generate ideas
  • research and seek answers
  • help you with time management and organisation
  • create artwork (images, audio and videos)
  • translate content.

You must not use Gen AI to:

  • generate written content which is included in either your first draft or your final submission, with or without editing
  • rewrite your original content for you.”

You must also include a list of Gen AI tools or software that students are expected to engage with as part of their assessment. Please note that for privacy, data protection and copyright reasons non-University Gen AI tools or software should not be recommended to students. Add or delete examples as appropriate:

“You are recommended to use the following as part of this assessment:

  • Copilot in protected mode”

4.     Provide contact details

It's important that students have a route to contact module leaders if they have questions.

Under a heading: “Feedback and support”, copy and paste the following phrasing, replacing square brackets with suitable contact detail:

“If you have any questions about this statement, please review the taught student guidance on use of Gen AI [link], and if this does not answer your question(s) contact [module leader] at [contact details, usually email address].”

5.     Reiterate the traffic light rating that has been assigned for the module assessment

“Please note that this assessment is Red / Amber / Green [delete as appropriate], and the standard Academic Misconduct procedure applies for students believed to have ignored the categorisation.”