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This website brings together all the latest information, policies, resources and guidance on using Generative AI (Gen AI) at the University of Leeds. It is created for staff and students, to inform and support assessment, teaching, research and administrative activities.

The ethics of Gen AI and how we use it is rapidly changing. Our advice and guidance will need to adapt to new technological developments and innovation. We will publish new information on using Gen AI in research and teaching as our approach evolves with changes in AI.

Currently in development:

  • Guidance for postgraduate research students
  • Principles for the use of AI in research
  • Student voices on AI

Contact us

If you have ideas and suggestions for how we should develop this website, or if you would like to contribute your case studies or experience using AI, please email:

University AI working groups

The University of Leeds established two working groups on AI in 2023:

  • Working Group on AI Technology in Research (WAITR)
  • Working Group on AI in Student Education (WAISE)

These groups are formed from 40 academics and professional staff with a range of expertise and links to external organisations to consider the implications of AI.

Together, the joint working groups have developed the Guidance to staff on the use of AI, and individually the Generative AI guidance for taught students (WAISE) and the Principles for the use of AI in research (WAITR).

The guidance that has been published so far is consistent with and is informed by the Russell Group principles on the use of generative AI tools in education.