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AI and assessments

This page explains the University’s approach to the use of Generative AI in assessments. Read on to find out how the rules apply to you.

General principles

As a general principle, you can use generative AI to help you learn but cannot use AI to generate or falsify work.

You may use Gen AI in ways that support your learning, enhance your ability to achieve your learning outcomes, and prepare you to succeed in your future career. Using Gen AI to falsify work or breach guidelines for an assessment will undermine all these benefits and damage your learning. This is explained further in the Academic Misconduct procedure.

Use of Generative AI in assessments

The University of Leeds uses a three-tiered traffic light system to indicate how Gen AI should be used in assessments. Staff and students should be aware of the categories and discuss in class whether an assignment falls wholly or partially within each.

As a student, you should always make sure that the Academic Integrity principles are followed in any work that you do, and when in doubt, always ask your tutor about appropriate use of Gen AI.

Categories of assessments

Details of the red, amber and green categories for using AI in assessment.

Acknowledging use of AI

How to acknowledge using generative AI tools in your work.

Quick AI Checklist

A checklist of what to consider before you use generative AI tools for your work.