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Gen AI quick checklist

If you are deciding on whether and how to use Gen AI tools, you may find the quick checklist below helpful:

  • I have checked the assessment brief or have spoken to my tutor and can confirm that use of Gen AI is not prohibited for my assessment type.
  • I have reviewed the Academic Integrity principles to help me avoid unintentional plagiarism.
  • I have understood the risks and limitations of using Gen AI, including a recognition of issues of bias, sensitivity, accuracy, appropriate content and ethical issues.
  • I have checked and critically reviewed any quotations, citations or outputs that the Gen AI tool has generated.
  • I have not submitted any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to a Gen AI tool.
  • I have ensured that no part of my assessment copies or paraphrases Gen AI outputs without acknowledgement.
  • I have ensured that my assignment / research remains my own work.
  • I have appropriately referenced the use of Gen AI tools in my work.
  • I have saved copies of Gen AI outputs used in preparing my assessment. These copies may be asked to be provided as an appendix to my assessment or as part of any misconduct process.
  • I sought help from my tutors or the Library‚Äôs Learning Development Team when I was unsure about use of Gen AI or needed further guidance.

Please note that this checklist is not exhaustive. It provides a framework for ensuring good academic practice is followed when using Gen AI tools.