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Acknowledging use of Generative AI

In all cases, you are required to truthfully acknowledge what elements of any assignment are your own work or ideas, and what has come from other sources – including Gen AI.

You must acknowledge the use of Gen AI in an ‘Acknowledgements’ section when you have used it as a functional tool to assist you as you were creating any academic work.

You should make clear in your assignment where you have used Gen AI (eg for support with writing style but not for content).

If it is suspected that you have used a Gen AI tool to produce part of your work, but you have not acknowledged this use, this could be investigated under the Academic Misconduct procedure.

The minimum requirement to include in acknowledgement:

  • Name and version of the generative AI system used eg ChatGPT-4.0
  • Publisher (company that made the AI system) eg OpenAI
  • URL of the AI system
  • Brief description (single sentence) of the context in which you used the tool.

Example acknowledgement

I acknowledge the use of ChatGPT-3.5 (Open AI, to summarise my initial notes and to proofread my final draft.

Further requirements may be stipulated by a department, academic programme, or individual teaching staff, or for a particular assignment. These will be made clear when an assignment is set. Details of such requirements will usually be provided in the assessment brief.

We are currently working on developing the referencing guidance further to incorporate Gen AI tools. We encourage you to keep checking the Library’s Referencing pages and the official guidance for your School's referencing style for more information.